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G7156 SCVi Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Original price was: $3,099.00.Current price is: $2,324.00.

Dishwashers (built in)

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Fully-integrated dishwashers with 3D MultiFlex Tray for maximum convenience.

  • Perfect results in less than one hour – QuickIntenseWash
  • brEverything completely dry – AutoOpen assisted drying
  • Fresh water dishwashers – from ?? in the Automatic program
  • Very easy door opening and closing – ComfortClose
  • Versatile and secure – ExtraComfort basket design
  • 3D MultiFlex Tray. Maximum flexibility. Stress-free loading: ingenious adjustment options create space in the dishwasher even for small items.
  • FlexLine Baskets. Intelligent basket design for all types of dishware. Flexibility for added convenience: simply adjust, arrange, and enjoy top cleaning results.
  • QuickIntenseWash. Ultimate cleaning in less than an hour. Short program: top cleaning results for dishware with normal levels of dirt in just 58 minutes.
  • EcoPower Technology . Innovative water supply for economical dishwashing. Saves water and energy: efficient use of resources thanks to intelligent water supply.



Miele logo on red background